Taskly is a task management tool designed to help professionals manage their busy work lives. It allows users to update progress on projects, communicate easily with other team members and focus on being more effective at work!

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  • Project Duration: November 2016 – June 2017
  • Project Type: Task Management App
  • Designed For: Career Foundry, student work
  • My Contributions: UX and UI Design
  • Programs Used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Invision, UX Pin
  • Website: https://careerfoundry.com/en/


Why It Was Created

Target Audience

– Professionals working positions requiring execution of multiple tasks, such as a non profit or corporate environments.
– Employees age 25 – 34 are likely to use this software.
- Professionals age 35 – 44 are most likely to purchase this software for their employees to use.


Surveys and Feedback

– Most respondents fell within the age of 25 – 34.

– Most respondents use their phones to organize their days. One user responded to using paper calendars, and one uses sticky notes.

– Users are organized on a day to day basis, but have trouble planning long term projects and simply do them as they can, with no strategy.

– Users responded by saying they prefer having a “hashtag feature” to identify and categorize projects.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor Shortcomings


Customer Journey Map



Taskly UI Kit

Wireframe samples


Taskly Final UI Design samples

Future Iterations

Sampling Biases

– Because this was a mock project, I was able to get away with sampling only seven participants. However, I would need far more for a real project (ideally 200 users or more).

– The people sampled would have to be largely focused on working office professionals. I was only able to sample people immediately available to me.

– I would need to sample people who are currently using products hosted by the competitors, and ask specific questions about the customer needs, pain points and such.

Future Possible Features

– Consider integrating a hashtag feature, as this was requested by a Trello user in our survey.

– Admin panel for bosses to oversee employees. Included in this is the ability to notice and offer project assistance if someone falls behind.

– Allow tasks to be assigned by color (to signify urgency).

What I learned from this project

This was my first UX oriented project, so I learned quite a bit! Here are some ways I sharpened my skills;

– Learned about and implemented the UX process, while also integrating the scientific method.

– Learned about market research, analyzing competitors and MVPs.

– Further developed my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.

– Learned how to use Sketch, UX Pin and Invision.

– Learned about really specific sampling methods and what to look for in a real UX case study, such as A to B testing.

– Learned about site maps, user flows and customer journey experiences.

– Learned about crucial marketing skills which tie into user experience design.