Lionfish is an app designed as a contest submission on behalf of the Xprize Big Ocean Button challenge. It focuses on the invasive lionfish outbreak in the Caribbean and allows users to track the invasive predators using databases owned by Florida Fish and Wildlife and REEF (nonprofit organization focused on this issue). It also allows users to track and catalog their own lionfish catches to further assist these organizations.

Judging and voting commences on September 1st, 2017.

  • Project Duration: February 2017 – December 2017
  • Project Type: Fishing and environmental awareness app
  • Designed For: Xprize Big Ocean Button Challenge contest
  • My Contributions: UX and UI Design
  • Programs Used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, UX Pin, Balsamiq
  • Website:
  • Nautilus Innovation Behance page:


Why It Was Created

For a detailed TED talk highlighting the lionfish outbreak, check out this wonderful speech by Dr. Mark Hixon

Target Audience


Collecting U.S. Geological Survey data

Data collected by REEF, US Geological Survey and NOAA displaying the lionfish outbreak.

User Feedback

Here is the Inland Ocean Coalition website


Other apps tackling this issue

Current app weaknesses


Customer Journey Map



App features

IOS Wireframe samples

Android Wireframe samples

Lionfish UI Kit


Lionfish v 1.0 design samples

Lionfish v 2.0 design samples

Future Iterations

Potential sample biases and app shortcomings

– Some smart phones are not water resistant; limits the ability to use if wet.

– Fisherman may not carry tape measure or any way to weigh the fish, and leave out some potentially useful information.

– Although lionfish stay near shore, they may be found in areas out of cell phone range; app must be able to store drafts and send once they are back in range.

– No direct, face to face interaction with fisherman to gauge how they would use the app.

– Sample size may be an issue. Because of my inland location, it can be difficult to sample fisherman in these affected areas.

– Methods of sampling may prove to be less effective, as data will be collected via Survey Monkey links on Facebook.

Future Possible Features

– The “add events” page will sync up with to suggest and include lionfish hunting related meetups.

What I learned from this project

– How to manage a team, select talent (including myself, two developers, a graphic designer and a data scientist). Hiring and managing team members.

– Further developing my wireframe and UI skills

– Developing a project under pressure.

– How to bring attention to a large ecological problem and make it accessible to the public.