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I have been a polymath my whole life. Beginning with my faintest childhood memories, have always been artistically and visually inclined. And I have also been innately curious about the world, wondering how it works and what makes people tick.

I received an associates degree from the Colorado Film School, and eventually got a degree in marine biology from Humboldt State University. Although I have an eclectic background, both degrees have contributed very applicable skill sets towards my new career in UX Design. My film side has taught me the nuances of storytelling and how to really capture your audience, while my biology side taught me how to think concretely using numbers, evidence, how to design a study, bias and the scientific method. Since then, I have graduated from the User Experience Design immersive online program from Career Foundry.

I love finding new and challenging ways to enhance my skills as a designer! I am especially interested in developing remarkable digital products for environmental and social based non profits, startups and positions which further my skills in this field.

Sam Harper

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